NWS Bot/Jingle Privacy Statement

NWS Bot and Jingle were developed with privacy in mind. NWS Bot and Jingle do not log any information or data that is not required for the bot's operation, such as messages, user data, usage data, etc. All images downloaded are not stored and are deleted immediately. When making HTTP requests, data is not cached and a unique URL is generated and used for every request.

NWS Bot and Jingle store information that is critical to the operation of the bot, and is limited to stream/station info (for NWS Bot), server IDs, and server-specific settings. These settings and info are automatically deleted when the bot is removed from the server that the data is tied to.

NWS Bot's server is located in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States.

For any inquiries regarding the bot's privacy practices, please contact support at [email protected].