NWS Bot Changelog

        v3.2.8 (5/19/22)
        - Added support for permissions v2
        - For traditional commands (nws!), the required permission for IEMBot feed setup is now 'Manage Channels', while the default permission to change bot settings is now 'Manage Server'
        - For slash commands, by default users will now need 'Manage Channels' to setup IEMBot feeds, and 'Manage Server' to change bot settings; these can be modified in Integrations. These commands will be hidden to normal users by default
        - For slash commands, to manage who can use the bot, which commands can be used, and which channels the bot can be used in, head to Server Settings > Integrations > NWS Bot
        - Disabled use of certain slash commands in DM channels (voice channel streaming, server settings)
        - Fix SPC, WPC, and NHC in autocorrect

        v3.2.7 (5/18/22)
        - Fixes bug that deletes IEMBot feed entries from the database after unhandled exceptions

        v3.2.6 (5/15/22)
        - Fix autocorrect behavior for WFOs
        - Added SPC, WPC, and NHC to WFO autocorrect list for IEMBot setup
        - Fix SPC, WPC, and NHC IEMBot feeds

        v3.2.5 (5/15/22)
        - Optimized IEMBot feature, reducing CPU and network usage
        - Reduced poll interval from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
        - For continuations, cancelations, expirations, etc. clicking the 'Text' button shows those updated text products rather than the issuance text
        - Other minor improvements to the IEMBot feature

        v3.2.4 (5/08/22)
        - Users now need to have the Send Messages channel permission to be able to report stream errors

        v3.2.3 (5/07/22)
        - Optimized IEMBot feature for more efficient use of network resources
        v3.2.2 (5/06/22)
        - Made changes to IEMBot polling & feed parsing to avoid rate limits

        v3.2.1 (5/01/22)
        - Added 'Text' button to certain IEMBot products

        v3.2.0 (4/30/22)
        - Split single bot process into multiple shards/processes to improve performance, especially during peak usage times (view shard stats with '/stats')
        - Minor fixes & improvements

        v3.1.5 (4/27/22)
        - Replace Geoapify with Mapbox for location autocomplete

        v3.1.4 (4/25/22)
        - Added autocomplete for certain fields in slash commands

        v3.1.3 (4/24/22)
        - When adding stations, the bot will now prompt for the user to confirm the station location if the bot pulls the stream information from fmstream
        - Removed error messages in buttons in favor of ephemeral messages
        - Lyrics output when clicking 'Lyrics' button is now an ephemeral message to help reduce spam

        v3.1.2 (4/24/22)
        - Added ability to choose source of radar image, NWS or Weather Underground
        - Bot will now show station titles for Icecast streams that have provided it
        - Bot will now show audio channel and stream bitrate if available

        v3.1.1 (4/23/22)
        - Added Experimental mode, a per-server setting allowing access to experimental features
        - Added better handling of streams with self-signed SSL certificates
        - Added IEMBot feed lists, available under Experimental mode
        - Fixed 'Stop' button being unresponsive

        v3.1.0 (4/23/22)
        - Changed radar image to official NWS radar image
        - Bot will now rejoin voice channels after a bot restart or outage
        - Fixes for IEMBot product-specific feeds

        v3.0.3 (4/20/22)
        - Fixed stream URL updating

        v3.0.2 (4/18/22)
        - Bot now shows main command list when mentioned
        - Changed bot's status to '/help' rather than 'nws!help'

        v3.0.1 (4/17/22)
        - Fixed national alert map index
        - Fixed IEMBot setup command
        - Added stations list sorting
        v3.0 (4/17/22)
        - Full support for slash commands
        - Rewrote button logic
        - Fixed alert maps
        - Improved performance and response
        - Added error reporting
        - More precise cooldown timer
        - Temporarily removed NHC features
        - Temporarily paused setup for IEMBot product-specific feeds
        - Other bug fixes & improvements
        v2.6.18 (2/16/22)
        - Fixed weather story for LOT
        v2.6.17 (2/11/22)
        - Fixed weather story for some WFOs
        v2.6.16 (1/21/22)
        - Added WSO "Pago Pago" to bot's WFO list
        - Set alert map language to English
        v2.6.15 (1/17/22)
        - Added Wind Chill to forecast
        - Added nws!weather command, like nws!forecast but only shows Current Conditions
        - Fixed issue with adding stations
        - Fixed issue where alert maps won't load when there are no active alerts
        v2.6.14 (1/15/22)
        - Fixed issue with updating broken stream URLs
        v2.6.13 (12/09/21)
        - Fixed issue with weather stories for LOT
        v2.6.12 (9/12/21)
        - Fixed issue with certain station callsigns
        - Fixed issue with images not sending
        v2.6.11 (8/30/21)
        - Added button to report stream errors
        - Added Transmitter Propagation link to NWR streams
        v2.6.10.1 (8/29/21)
        - Fixed help command
        v2.6.10 (8/19/21)
        - Added images for Special Weather Statements
        v2.6.9 (8/18/21)
        - Added SPC, WPC, and NHC IEMBot feeds
        - Added product-specific IEMBot feeds
        - Added images for certain products posted through the IEMBot feed, which is enabled by default
        - Fixed bug where all filters would be marked 'Excluded' when modifying IEMBot feeds
        - Fixed issue with buttons during IEMBot setup process
        - Other bug fixes and improvements
        v2.6.8 (8/07/21)
        - Optimized database connections
        v2.6.7 (7/27/21)
        - When adding streams, the bot now checks a public stream info database and pulls location/stream data from there if available, which for a lot of AM/FM stations, will no longer require input from the user.
        v2.6.6 (7/15/21)
        - Significantly reduced bandwidth usage for polling IEMBot feeds (previously used on average 200 GB per day)
        - Decreased time it takes to send IEMBot messages
        v2.6.5 (7/14/21)
        - Added a Local Storm Reports only feed for the IEMBot feature
        v2.6.4 (7/14/21)
        - Allows modification of the IEMBot setup when a user attempts to add another feed from the same WFO
        v2.6.3 (7/13/21)
        - Added filters to the IEMBot auto-posting (can be set up in the IEMBot setup process)
        - Prevents users from clicking the Play/Stop buttons if they are not in the same voice channel as NWS Bot
        v2.6.2 (7/13/21)
        - Fixed bug where the bot's streaming functions would fail occasionally (unable to join or disconnect)
        v2.6.1 (7/12/21)
        - Optimized IEMBot auto-posting for performance
        - Fixed lyrics feature
        - Minor changes for quality
        v2.6 (7/11/21)
        - Added IEMBot auto-posting (beta)
        v2.5.15 (7/07/21)
        - Fixed error message when the bot tries to join a voice channel it cannot access
        v2.5.14 (7/07/21)
        - More specific error message when adding a non-iHeartMedia station using an iHeart.com link
        - Fixed adding some iHeartRadio stations
        v2.5.13 (7/01/21)
        - Improved reliability for buttons
        v2.5.12 (7/01/21)
        - Changed most of the plaintext messages to embeds
        - Added Miscellaneous Commands
        - Various bug fixes and improvements
        v2.5.11 (6/29/21)
        - Fixed certain weather forecast office products not sending
        - Added severe weather outlooks (state and national) to the SPC command
        v2.5.10 (6/27/21)
        - Added ability to fetch forecast using city and state instead of just zip code
        v2.5.9 (6/26/21)
        - Fixed bug where bot would randomly crash
        - Fixed bug when streaming radio stations: bot gets stuck at "Joining" message
        v2.5.8 (6/20/21)
        - Improved performance for the alert map index (especially for the national alert map)
        v2.5.7 (6/16/21)
        - Stop button for streams is now more reliable
        v2.5.6 (6/15/21)
        - Added index for the national alert map
        v2.5.5 (6/13/21)
        - Fixed a bug that stops the NWS Bot stream when a user leaves a voice channel the bot is not currently in
        - Fixed a bug that causes internal errors when trying to fix/update a stream URL
        v2.5.4 (6/06/21)
        - Fixed weather stories for Chicago (LOT). Use the command 'nws!suggest [message]' if you would like weather stories to be fixed for your local WFO.
        - Improved reliability and readability for text products
        - Added index for alert maps
        - Improved performance for buttons
        - Added first set of buttons for NWS Bot's streaming features. Allows for quick switching between stations
        - NWS Bot's server-specific settings are now cleared from the database when it is removed from that server
        - Reduced command cooldown times
        - NWR streams now use mono/single-channel audio
        - Volume is now correct for NWR streams when 24/7 mode is enabled
        - Increased volume by 400% for NWR streams
        - Bot will always respond to the command 'nws!help' regardless of server-specific prefix
        - Allow public access to the stats command (nws!stats)
        - Fixed radar images not updating
        - Decreased loading time to resume stream by 50% while 24/7 Mode is enabled
        - Fixed volume of stream to be less deafening (25% of original volume)
        - Improvements to the radar command
        - Improved loading messages for streaming
        - Radar list
        - Fixes and improvements to 24/7 Mode
        - WFO list moved to wfo command (wfolist command will no longer work)
        - Fixed bug with suggestions not going through correctly - even if it gave the 'Successful' message
        - Added check to ensure WFO is specified when requesting a WFO product
        - Other quality improvements
        - Partial support for stage channels

        - Improvements to 24/7 Mode
        -- Helps prevent stream from randomly stopping when alone in the voice channel
        -- Saves bandwidth and resources
        - 24/7 Mode
        - Command cooldown
        - You can now use the nws!np or nws!lyrics command without specifying a station ID (will use the last streamed station)
        - Song lyrics for iHeartRadio stations
        - Re-write of the bot in discord.py's commands framework
        - Easier handling of command arguments
        - Other bug fixes and feature improvements